Smith & Wollensky

Who We Are


What is dry-aging and what difference does it make?

Dry-aging is the process of placing large cuts of fresh beef in a cooler for several weeks—generally up to 28 days—to create superior tenderness and flavor. At Smith & Wollensky, we choose our cuts from the top 2% of all beef in America designated by the USDA as “Prime.” This means they have the perfect widespread and even marbling required for the dry-aging process. Over time, the marbling and connective tissues break down as they age in our coolers, resulting in an intensity of beef flavor and tenderness that is incomparable to common wet-aging techniques. Dry-aged beef is virtually impossible to find outside of a steakhouse. So for the ultimate steak experience, you’ll just have to join us.

Who is the Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group

Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group owns and operates eight iconic Smith & Wollensky locations in Miami Beach, Chicago, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., Columbus, Houston and two restaurants in Boston, as well as its new Wollensky’s Grill in Chicago, opened fall 2014. Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group will be opening its first European location in London, June 2015. Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group does not own or operate the original location in New York.  That location is part of Fourth Wall Restaurants in New York City.

Are Smith & Wollensky real people?

Yes, and no. When Alan Stillman founded the first Smith & Wollensky steakhouse in New York, he created the name by randomly selecting two last names from people in the city’s phone book. When the restaurant launched, legend has it that the invitations were sent from one “Charlie Smith” and “Ralph Wollensky.” Charlie and Ralph were the names of Stillman’s dogs.

What is the dress code at Smith & Wollensky?

On any given day, guest attire ranges from business suits and dresses to casual jeans and loafers. We like our guests to be comfortable while they’re eating, so come as you are, and enjoy!

What is National Wine Week?

National Wine Week is an event that happens in both the spring and fall during lunch in all our markets with the exception of Boston—Back Bay (which is closed during the day). Guests can sample 10 wines for $20 with a lunch entrée purchase. For more details, visit

Haven’t I seen Smith & Wollensky in a movie?

Yes, probably several. The Smith & Wollensky environment is a favorite of movie directors and has been featured in a variety of movies including High Fidelity, American Psycho, The Devil Wears Prada, The Break-up and The Dilemma.