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Indulge in These Bold and Unique Steak Preparations

Indulge in These Bold and Unique Steak Preparations

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Smith & Wollensky serves the classic steakhouse menu—Rib Eye, T-Bone, NY Strip Sirloin, Porterhouse and Filets—the standards are available to satiate any meat lover. On your next visit, take a step in a new direction and try one of our latest steak preparations featuring a few twists and unexpected flavors. 

Smith & Wollensky Chef Matt King
“One of the cool things about Smith & Wollensky is how we take the steakhouse menu and contemporize it, add some more composed dishes around the traditional classics you expect to see. We stay within the parameters of things that fit that mold, and add a twist to them to make them even more interesting,” says Chef Matt King, National Culinary Director and Corporate Chef.

Smith & Wollensky sources the best possible beef—USDA Prime, the top 2% of beef available. The 28-day dry-aging process and on-site butchering ensures each steak entrée begins with the highest quality ingredients.Our newest feature and boldest steak dish is the 32 oz. Spice Rubbed Long Bone Rib Eye—dry-aged, rubbed with a blend of Eastern spices, charbroiled and brushed with bone marrow butter and a zing of harissa ketchup then garnished with a zesty lemon parsley salad. This explosion of robust flavors will leave you wanting more.


For those with a filet appetite, try the Filet Rossini.  This tender cut is served with a mouthwatering seared foie gras topping and Madeira demi glace.

Or for a little bit of a spicy kick, our Coffee & Cocoa Rubbed Filet is sure to please. Rubbed with coffee and cocoa, this filet is charbroiled and topped with ancho chili butter and crispy angry onions. And for you to recreate at home, we’ve revealed the recipe.