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Thank You Denise Hair – Philadelphia Autism Appreciation Honoree

Thank You Denise Hair – Philadelphia Autism Appreciation Honoree

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Continuing in the holiday spirit of giving back, the Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group hosted appreciation dinners to honor support staff, families and friends impacted by autism. Honorees were nominated and selected for their commitment and dedication to raising awareness of autism spectrum disorder or for making a significant impact in the lives of individuals with autism.

On February 8th, Smith & Wollensky in Philadelphia hosted Denise Hair, a teacher at The Nexus School, which specializes in the education of children with autism spectrum. Since starting at the school in 2007, Denise has provided invaluable support to her students and their families above and beyond the classroom. She is continually increasing her knowledge of special needs education and is currently furthering her education to become a behavioral specialist. Not only does she give her personal time by volunteering at functions and expos for The Nexus School, but also individually supports students and their parents. This includes doctor, dentist appointments, even haircuts—situations that often times cause additional stress on the families. Her passion is driven by the goal of helping each child with autism find their own personal success.

Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group is a proud supporter of the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism. For more information on the foundation’s grants and programs, please visit